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Chicagoland's Hardwood Flooring Specialists Since 2010!

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We're Specialists in Hardwood Flooring.

With an award-winning, full-service team, Buff & Coat hardwood floor specialists has been serving Chicagoland since 2010. Your floors are important to us, and our mission is to help you find the right solution for your aging floor or update your home with beautiful, new hardwood. Either way, our goal as hardwood specialists is to help you enhance the enjoyment of your home through the impressive, attractive look of hardwood floors.   

A Service Company with Emphasis on the Customer

We are successful because of our commitment to fair business practices and adhering to certain principles:

We give sound and honest advice about the best way to improve your hardwood floor, whether that be a Buff & Coat service or a full re-sanding. We make sure expectations are understood on both sides. We will never oversell or exaggerate the benefits of any service.

TRUSTWORTHINESS From our initial estimate through our service on your hardwood floors, we will respect you and your property. We appreciate that you place your trust in us by allowing us into your home. We will do a good job, charge a fair price, and stand behind our work.

SATISFACTION Our reputation and our livelihood hinges on our ability to satisfy every customer. We strive for the highest level of customer service and skilled craftsmanship with every job. If you are unsatisfied, we will offer solutions.  
Hardwood Floor refinishing Naperville IL

From buff and coat hardwood floor renewal to full hardwood floor sanding and refinishing to hardwood flooring installations.

It all started back in 2010 when the owner, Ray Horan, along with his brother and sister in-laws, Greg and Eileen Strejc, decided to open up Buff & Coat Hardwood Floor Renewal together. They realized that hardwood floors need sprucing up every several years to keep them looking “good” as well as to protect them from prematurely wearing out. They loved the concept of buff and coating a floor in one day, without the mess, nasty odor, expense, or hassle of a full hardwood floor sanding, so they decided to open up their business together. Starting a business in the middle of a recession wasn’t easy but during the first year, they worked tirelessly by renewing all floors themselves in addition to working on building the business. Looking back on it, the experience of that first year laid a wonderful foundation for understanding and growing Buff & Coat into the full service hardwood flooring company it is today.

Ray’s decades of experience in finance and business management combined with Greg’s thirty plus years of owning his own building and remodeling company, along with Eileen’s years of office management and marketing background produced a winning combination to help their business succeed and grow.

As the Buff & Coat grew, they opened their first office in Plainfield in 2011 and started hiring and training experienced hardwood flooring technicians the Buff & Coat way. In 2015 they started offering full hardwood floor sanding and refinishing, and hardwood flooring installation services for customers whose floors needed more than a one day buff and coat service. Today, a typical work week consists of delivering 2 to 3 full sanding projects, and 4 to 6 buff & coat projects. Whatever you need we are here to assist you for either residential or commercial hardwood flooring needs.

Buff & Coat has steadily acquired accolades from industry sites like Angie's List and Best Picks, as well as more than 160 "5-Star" Google reviews from highly satisfied customers. They also were. honored with the Annual Award for Business Excellence by the Daily Herald.

No matter what service you hire us for, know that we value our reputation and uphold it with integrity with every job we complete. Our aim is to please you with gorgeous hardwood floors that will delight you for years to come.

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