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Full Sanding

Our full sanding services allow you to change the color of your floor or remove heavy damage.  

Full Sanding & Hardwood Floor Refinishing Creates a Brand New Floor!

Sometimes you need more than a Buff & Coat to get the floor you want. Sometimes you may need a full sanding and refinishing project...


  • To remove deep gouges and scratches
  • To replace heavily damaged areas from pet stains, water, or other materials
  • Because wear and tear has completely worn away the finish on most of the floor
  • To change the floor’s stain color, not just its topcoat sheen


In these circumstances, we sand your floor to the bare wood, apply a new stain color, and apply several coats of finish to build up a new, protective topcoat.


Fully refinishing your hardwood will take longer than a Buff & Coat. It will also cost more, because of the materials and labor involved, but you will basically have a brand new floor!


Here's Our Proven Process for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Whether you call us to refinish a small room or a whole house, our steps are the same.

Keep in mind a full sanding will always create some dust, but our process keeps mess to a minimum!


We will come to your home to inspect and measure your space, discuss your needs and your vision for your new floor, then carefully estimate the materials and labor costs. Our estimates are always free and born of years of experience. We will also discuss what to expect during the project and answer all your questions.  


Our first step is to reduce dust to the workspace area with plastic sheeting over doorways and cabinets.


If needed, we replace damage or discolored boards to ensure a perfect blank canvas for the full refinish.  



We sand your floors in several stages with different sandpaper grits. Experience matters in this step. Our technicians use their expert touch and steady hands to sand and prepare a smooth surface



We will vacuum and water pop the floor to produce a more uniform stain application.


We show you test samples of your top three favorite stain colors on the floor. Then we will carefully apply your stain choice to the newly sanded area.


When the stain is dry, we follow with three coats of our high-quality, waterborne polyurethane finish in the sheen of your choice.


Refinishing your floors can renew your home and make you love your floors again!

Contact us today for a free in-home estimate and the best plan for renewing your hardwood.

Full Sanding

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