What is a Buff & Coat?

What is a Buff & Coat? 

A Buff & Coat is an alternative hardwood floor refinishing process that is truly dustless, odorless, and done in a day. The process removes the fine cosmetic scratches and scuffs in your topcoat that give your hardwood floor that tired, worn look. Instead of full sanding your hardwood down to the bare wood and re-staining and finishing it, the hardwood floor specialists at Buff & Coat give it a three-part process to restore the finish so it looks like new again.

STEP ONE: First We Clean!

We begin our process by using our buffers to give your floor a deep cleaning and though rinse! This is an important first step so that the new finish will adhere properly. Plus, when the floor project is complete, it will look like new.

STEP TWO: We Buff!

The next step is buffing, which means abrading the surface of your floor with sandpaper on our rotating floor buffers. The fine sandpaper only abrades the topcoat of your hardwood floor’s finish to prepare it to accept the new finish coat. We carefully hand sand the areas that are too small for the buffer to reach, like near moldings and in corners.

Next, we vacuum up any dust left behind from the buffing. We use a HEPA filter back pack vacuum, so any dust from the process ends up in our collection system and nowhere else. Once the floor is dust-free, we are ready for the final, exciting step.


We use floor rollers to apply a new topcoat on your floor to restore that “brand new” look. We use high-quality, low-VOC, Loba brand polyurethane finishes, which have been proven to perform well on our customer's floors. They are waterborne finishes, therefore leaving no nasty lingering odors after application. They are pet friendly, environmentally safe, and result in amazing looking floors. Our customers get to choose from one of four finish types: matte, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss.

The choice of sheen is strictly personal preference. The matte finish gives you the look of nearly natural, uncovered wood. Satin is very popular and provides a nice warm luster to the floor. Semi-gloss is also very popular for customers who want their floors to have a little shine. High-gloss is available as well and brings a distinctive, highly reflective shine to your floor.

Many customers use their Buff & Coat process as an opportunity to change the sheen on their floor, for example, from an eye-catching high-gloss finish to a more sedate satin look.  Although the color of the floor itself will not change, our process will give the floor a whole new look.

At Buff & Coat Hardwood Flooring Specialists we are standing by to help you achieve the floor of your dreams! The first step is to call us and schedule an in-home estimate at 630.689.3800.



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